- Board Member at the Explorers Club organizing the Young Explorers Program, Mamber of the Audit Committee and organizer of weekly networking events

- Has been working for International Organizations for the past 20 years with assignments in Asia, Africa and Europe helping developing countries achieve the sustainable development goals on economic, social and environmental issues.

- Started travelling at the age of 10 days and visited 110 countries and lived in 10.

- Avid diver and underwater photographer with over 40 years of experience on six continents.

Exploration focus:

- On how human activities affect our planet

- Youth education, youngest scientific expedition to the North Pole (youngexplorer.org) to advance young children's understanding of the Arctic while empowering them to drive change by speaking to their peers around the world directly.

- Participated in several expeditions to the Arctic documenting the underwater world in Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland and Norway, including the Elysium Artists for the Arctic expedition.

- Understanding and interacting with indigenous/local populations during overland trips in remote parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia and during longer stays in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Mauritania, South Africa, and the Philippines.